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Re: policy routing

Greg Troxel wrote:

Adam Russell <> writes:

Adam Russell wrote:
I came across this project listing Looks like it
is a bit over nine years old.

I thought I'd ping this list one more time on this. If anyone has any
thoughts or deeper info on this I'd be interested in hearing it.

The basic idea is intriguing, I might explore some ideas I have along
these lines and see where they lead.

My guess is that this is fodder for 'summer of code' projects, and there
just isn't more to it.   But yes, your notion of what it's about does
not seem off base.

If you are interested in contributing in networking, what would in my
view be most useful to the community is to look over the complaints
about why npf isn't good enough compared to how some other firewall has
some functional capacity, an improve npf.

Well, if nothing else, that would be probably more useful than my hare brained research ideas that led me to inquire about this in the first place.

I have found some interesting information on policy routing in general. Plenty of neat possibilities remain in this area I believe.

I did check out npf, thanks for the suggestion. You're right in that seems to be a nice active place to contribute to a networking project.

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