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Re: npf questions/experience migrating from ipf on NetBSD8 wrote:
>>>I even tried a simple, promiscuous ruleset and that also fails to NAT?
>>># npfctl show
>>># filtering:    active
>>># config:       loaded
>>>procedure "log"
>>>map wm0 dynamic any -> pass family inet4 from #
>> You seem to be using for your lan, where does
>> come into the equation ?
>> I'm guessing that wm0 is your external interface, what is the IPv4
>> address ?
>Yeah...oddball setup...the "external", to the NetBSD router
>interface, really is (wm0).
> (the only other member of this intermediate local net)
>is the Comcast router and it is bidirectionally routing
> to and from a dynamic ip...

Have you tried copying what is in soho_gw-npf.conf ?

$ext_if = "wm0"
$ext_v4 = inet4(wm0)
$localnet = { }

$int_if = "bge0"

map $ext_if dynamic $localnet -> $ext_v4

Plus some group entries based on the ones in the example file.

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