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Re: npf and source routing

On 11/10/2020 19:52, Mouse wrote:
If vlan0 and/or vlan1 use(s) DHCP for addressing, I'd use the hooks
provided by dhclient-script to prevent DHCP from actually installing a
default route in the kernel.

For reference this is also do-able in dhcpcd in two ways
1) follow the mouse and tell dhcpcd not to install a default route:

Add nogateway to dhcpcd.conf
dhcpcd_flags="-G" in rc.conf

2) tell dhcpcd to use a low metric to ensure it takes precedence and use the destination address as the default route.

interface srt0
    metric 0
    static ip_address=
    destinaton routers

The latter solution allows you to take down srt0 and dhcpcd will swap the default route to the next preferred interface. And restore it when you bring srt0 back again.


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