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ifconfig(8) - a tale of two states

Hi List!

Consider this ifconfig(8) output:
urtwn0: flags=0x8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
        ssid ""
        powersave off
        chan 6
        address: 80:1f:02:82:35:c3
        media: IEEE802.11 OFDM54 monitor (OFDM54 mode 11g monitor)
        status: active
        inet broadcast flags 0x4<DETACHED>

Is this output too confusing?
We claim that the media is active but the address is detached and there is no SSID!


Traditionally, ifconfig reports the status of the media.
If the interface has no media, no status was reported .... until recently.
Now, if the interface has no media, it prints the status of the link state.

ALL interfaces, even bridge(4), has a link state. According to CVS, this has always been the case. The link state can be UNKNOWN, DOWN or UP. When an interface first registers it gains the state UNKNOWN - no claim is made if it's down or up. It's only when the interfaces realises it's state the change is made to UP or DOWN.

We've put a lot of work into changing our link state, it's there for a very good reason.

But, traditionally, NetBSD applications such as ifconfig, ifwatchd and even the portable dhcpcd have adhered to a common BSD facility - the media is the be all and end all of if the interface has a carrier or not. The problem here is that not all interfaces have media. A few years ago, I added media to PPP just to make it active, but didn't register any actual media values. This was totes the wrong thing to do! And has been recently reverted.

In a nutshell, the interface link state is the single source of truth regarding the link state. So to the make matter right, I added a small change to our net80211 stack to put the wireless interfce into a decent link state - HOSTAP, IBSS and AHDEMO remain unknown, but BSS and MONITOR are clearly down.
BSS will go up when we join a node, but MONITOR is just read only. It cannot send.
As such any addresses on the interface are useless.

Which brings us back to the beginning with more clarity. We have an active media state, but the interface link itself is down. Should we change the output of ifconfig somehow to include the link state or is this too much of a corner case to consider?

Comments welcome.


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