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Re: shutdown(2)'ing a bound UDP socket

On 20/07/2020 19:56, Peter J. Philipp wrote:
It is unorthodox but made some sense in that I had hoped for an opportunity
to write from a "global tuple" from other processes than the one that receives.
Other choices I considered were writing to a raw socket but it would be a lot
of overhead and hard work when it comes to fragmentation.  Lastly I found that
I can set up a shared memory to write the packet back to the process that
received it, it's entirely possibly to do so at overhead of writing the code.
This last choice is what I'll have to do if NetBSD can't help me.

And then why, you probably mean, am I spreading this functionality across
processes.  It had to do with OpenBSD and their sandbox'ing mechanism called
pledge(2).  The benefit of writing packets via imsg(3) and shared memory into
a process that is "stdio sendfd recvfd" pledged in order to parse a DNS
message is very attractive.

dhcpcd recently gained both pledge and capsicum support.
I faced a similar issue and elected to read from the bound socket in an unpriv chrooted process but write via a raw socket from a privileged process. I can shutdown SHUT_RD the raw socket as it's never read from and this works wonderfully on all OS.

Interestingly, the raw socket approach actually removed a lot more code than it added because I no longer needed to play "guess the source address" in a specific way of using dhcpcd. This was also required to finish the capsicum support on FreeBSD - like OpenBSD's pledge.

If someone managed to overflow a buffer, somehow they'd be trapped to a very
restricted sandbox.  They can't open a file descriptor or open a network socket,
the kernel would kill the process if they tried.  I use and develop this
daemon of mine on OpenBSD but I want to also make it available to other
OS's with the sandbox mechanism disabled.  It's a trade-off for those people
that absolutely want to use delphinusdnsd but don't have OpenBSD available.

Aside from plege and capsicum, there is also the resource limited sandbox which works well on NetBSD and DragonFlyBSD - but ironically not at all on OpenBSD due to a limitation with their ppoll(2) interface.


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