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Re: wpa_supplicant / hostap changes

I have an iwm interface I could test that with, I have no idea if
it is hostap capable or not, but given that you say iwi and iwn are
not, I would guess not also.

However, that paytch to wpa_supplicant sounds like it would be
wonderful for iwm users, as the iwm driver has some yet undiscovered
bug where every 1/(rand() % N + 1) (for some unknown, but not large, N)
times the interface should come up it "failed to load firmware" and fails.

While obviously not doing anything to fix whatever bug that is (something
about the iwm cpu states not being correct, it seems) not taking the
interface down and up without a really good reason would really help with
network stability  (if I disable wpa_supplicant, and config the WiFi
manually, which I can do where no WPA security is being used, then the
interface typically runs for weeks without issues, with wpa_supplicant
running it is usually just days, sometimes hours, or less - which might
be related to DHCP lease times, I haven't checked).

So even though I am not likely to contribute much info to your request, I
am going to test the patch - unless it makes things worse, or fails to
work, expect to hear no more from me...

But thanks for this.


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