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Re: nd6_free assumes all routers are processed by kernel RA

On 24/08/2019 01:20, Robert Elz wrote:
I never bothered to look, but I shall.   Sending the packets in the first
place seems wrong to me, what should happen after we do the wrong thing is
or less consequence than not doing it in the first pace.

I think you're over compliating it.

We have an address on a prefix.
We want to send to an address not on the prefix.
We have a default route.

Given these conditions I don't see any alternative but to send the packet. Otherwise it's not a default route - it's a route that might or might not send your packet.

I'll wait until I see the default v6 route come back (might be a few
days - I don't know what triggers that, it certainly isn't simply every

It *should* be each RA that advertises itself as a default router.
If you use dhcpcd, then `dhcpcd -n` should be enough to force a soliciation and get the default route back. If not, try restarting dhcpcd and file a bug with me.

and then monitor the network while I try a ssh to or a
cvs update, or similar.

OR just ping6
I don't think IPv6 is entirely setup correctly - it's like a blackhole when I ssh.


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