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Re: IPv6 "is unreachable" route flapping

On 22/08/2019 19:00, Roy Marples wrote:
On 22/08/2019 18:58, Roy Marples wrote:
On 22/08/2019 14:31, Roy Marples wrote:
On 22/08/2019 13:46, Paul Ripke wrote:
Does this attached patch help any?

This is for the client (dhcpcd running) side? And/or the server (rtadvd) side? I'll test it on a few machines and see what I see (I need to figure out a nice
way of upgrading the Pi).

It's for the client.

OK, while that patch is of use, it doesn't really solve the problem and it's probably of limited use, but it does restore prior behaviour.

There are two problems in play - firstly I broke dhcpcd, patch attached to solve that.

Wups, old dhcpcd patch!
New one attached here :)

And to be clear, these are all client side patches.

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