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Re: Proxy ARP

On Tue, Aug 6, 2019 at 5:39 PM Robert Elz <> wrote:
> be forwarded to it - it is (was) mostly used in the early days of
> ARP when not all hosts supported that new protocol, and a host that
> did use ARP was attempting to communicate with one which did not.

I'm hoping someone will indulge me for a few minutes. I'm trying to be
a "network guy" in the real world. I went to Roy's page for parpd and
then read part of the RFC he points to as the reason for parpd's

What is the modern need for this? I know some redundant gateway
protocols do interesting things with arps and replies because mac
adresses move around, but they don't need parpd. Otherwise, it seems
like a static arp entry would work for most people, certainly in the
case of heavy filtering. If the mac changes, and breaks this, you
would really want to know that I think.

Anyway, I'm probably missing something.


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