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>> So I created a new directory, and unpacked the 5.2 base.tgz
>> distribution set in it.

>> I then did a chroot to the new directory, and tried to run ifconfig.
>> The results are not what I expected.

>> # ifconfig -l
>> ifconfig: getifaddrs: No such file or directory
>> # ifconfig -a
>> ifconfig: getifaddrs: No such file or directory

> Digging just a little bit deeper with ktrace/kdump, I find

>    7806      1 ifconfig CALL  __sysctl(0x7f7fff5d66d0,6,0,0x7f7fff5d66e8,0,0)
>    7806      1 ifconfig RET   __sysctl -1 errno 2 No such file or directory
>    7806      1 ifconfig CALL  write(2,0x7f7fff5d5ce0,0xa)
>    7806      1 ifconfig GIO   fd 2 wrote 10 bytes
>         "ifconfig: "

> So looks to me like the sysctl() call is failing.

That's what it looks like to me too.

Curious.  That's not the failure mode I'm seeing; I'm seeing sysctl
succeed but with corrupt (at least from the written-for-5.2 code's
point of view) data returned.

Thank you.  This is exactly the sort of surprise the potential for
which led me to ask if someone else could try something similar.

I clearly need to dig deeper.

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