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> Sounds like you didn't compare rtm_version with RTM_VERSION.

I (think I) am; that's what's producing the "version is 4, not 3"
complaints.  It's built under 5.2, with RTM_VERSION set to 3, and
running under 8.0, whose RTM_VERSION is 4.

> See here in libc:

Can't; that refuses to serve content over HTTP (I neither have nor want
HTTPS support, possibly excepting somewhere I don't know how to use on
the 8.0 work machine).  But I did look at 8.0's
/usr/src/lib/libc/net/getifaddrs.c, and line 106 compares rtm_version
against RTM_VERSION, the next line silently(!) ignoring the blob if
they differ.  My code does likewise, except that it's noisier.

The version 3 blobs I appear to be getting - the other complaints come
from code that's not run if the version is wrong - are presumably
COMPAT_50 in action, but I'm seeing complaints that seem to me to imply
that they're not actually compatible with what 5.2 produces.

I'd need to dig more to be certain, since under 5.2 those complaints,
if they appear, get cleared from the screen far too fast for me to tell
whether they're present - but I'm reasonably sure I wouldn't've left
that code in there if it tripped under 5.2.  (The screen-clear time
difference appears to be X-related, nothing relevant to this list.)
But I wanted to find out whether it's supposed to work before haring
off after something that might not be there at all.

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