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mtr on 8.0_RC1


it appears that "something" changed between 8.0_BETA of March 14
2018 and 8.0_RC1 of June 5 2018.  "mtr" when tracing towards an
IPv6 destination now all too often (and pretty quickly) exits

mtr: Unexpected mtr-packet error

Ktracing this reveals:

  1557      1 mtr-packet CALL  sendto(5,0x7f7fff2ac6d0,0x18,0,0x759ea6b050d8,0x1c)
  1557      1 mtr-packet MISC  msghdr: [name=0x759ea6b050d8, namelen=28, iov=0xffff80013a5daf50, iovlen=1, control=0x0, controllen=2168972952, flags=0]
  1557      1 mtr-packet MISC  mbsoname: [2001:700:xxxx:xxxx:xx:xx:xx:xx]
  1557      1 mtr-packet RET   sendto -1 errno 55 No buffer space available
  1557      1 mtr-packet CALL  write(1,0x759ea6b01000,0x20)
  1557      1 mtr-packet GIO   fd 1 wrote 32 bytes
       "33008 unexpected-error errno 55\n"
  1557      1 mtr-packet RET   write 32/0x20

Is this somehow related to the addition of ENOBUFS as a new error
on certain receive operations?

"Please make it stop, at least by default!"


- Håvard

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