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Re: Porting umb(4) from OpenBSD

		Hi tech-net@, (Taylor, Robert)

On 02/05/2018 14:59, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
>> Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 15:26:37 +0200
>> From: Pierre Pronchery <>
>> It does not build yet (therefore also not tested) but I am getting
>> there. If anyone feels like reviewing it already, it could save me some
>> trouble and help getting it to work faster.
> First thing that jumps out at me is that our usb_task is still broken.
> Ugh!  We need to fix that, but it likely requires a kernel API change,
> so maybe it's too late for netbsd-8 at this point.

Is there something I should know? ie any workaround I should apply, or
unexpected behaviour I should keep in mind?

>> This is probably also missing changes to ifconfig(8), if only to set the
>> PIN code; this is the user interface that OpenBSD developers have chosen
>> for this. Alternative suggestions are welcome! (sysctl...)
> ifconfig linkstr?

I think Robert is right, we need to be able to provide at least two, if
not four parameters there: the PIN, APN, but also the username and password.

Additionally, the PIN and the password should probably not be printed
back in the clear, whereas the APN should be totally fine.


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