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Re: network-related deadlock

Maxime Villard <> wrote:

> I've disassembled %rip, it points to x86_pause(). So there must be a
> deadlock.

Forgot to mention.  VirtualBox has a built-in debugger (if quirky and
idiosyncratic).  See

You can use 

   $ VirtualBox --startvm $vmname --debug-command-line

to start the VM paused.

To get the symbols you can tell the debugger where the image is,
e.g. for i386:

   loadimage "/path/to/host/location/of/netbsd" c0100000

You can unpause the VM from the "Machine" menu and examine its state
when it locks up.  You may boot the VM normally, create a snapshot and
then switch the network card attachment to "Not attached" to trigger
the problem.  Then you can close the VM and select "Poweroff" and tick
"Restore ..." to quickly get back to the snapshot state.


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