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Re: RFC: ipsec(4) pseudo interface


On 2017/12/19 11:07, Christos Zoulas wrote:
> In article <>,
> Joerg Sonnenberger  <> wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 06:49:44PM +0900, Kengo NAKAHARA wrote:
>>>     (a) Add if_ipsec.4
>>>     (b) move current ipsec.4(for ipsec protocol) to ipsec.9, and then
>>>         add ipsec.4(for ipsec pseudo interface)
>>>     (c) any other
>> I'd call it either ifipsec(4) or ipsecif(4).

Thank you for comments. I use ipsecif(4) as it is easy to sort in
alphabetical with ipsec(4). :)

> Traditionally the names of devices drivers and protocols go to section 4.
> So we have a conflict here, use one of the names Joerg suggested and cross
> reference it on the top of the ipsec.4 page:
> .Pp
> This manual pages describes the IPSEC.
> For the network device driver please see
> .Xr ifipsec 4 .

Thank you for your suggestion. I add the reference to ipsec(4).

As a result, here is the updated patch.
    - patch series
        - in paticular, manual is added in 0004-add-ipsec-4-I-F-man-as-ipsecif.4.patch
    - unified patch
# include christos@n.o's pointing out


Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Device Engineering Section,
IoT Platform Development Department,
Network Division,
Technology Unit


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