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Re: possible bug in in_l2tp_match


On 2017/12/09 1:33, Maxime Villard wrote:
> I don't think in_l2tp_match() is really correct [1]. Here the mbuf given
> as argument is pulled up, but the new pointer is not passed back (detected
> as memory leak by Mootja). And it doesn't look like this kind of functions
> is supposed to free the mbuf on error either. Same in in6_l2tp_match().
> Please enlighten the code with a comment or two if I'm mistaken.
> Maxime
> [1]

You are right. The in{,6}_l2tp_match() should not call m_pullup() as
the match functions just check the packet. In contrast, in{,6}_l2tp_input()
which are the receive packet processing path must call m_pullup().
I fixed them in in_l2tp.c:r1.5 and in6_l2tp.c:r1.8.

Thank you for your pointing out.


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