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Re: urtwn on VAX not working properly

As you mention other hardware/drivers work better, it seems to be a
problem with urtwn(4), probably only in connection with slhci(4).
Can you test your urtwn(4) with another machine (with a "proper"
OHCI/UHCI/EHCI) to prove the latter?

Apologies - I postponed this when I thought I sent it.

I've tested that very urtwn and other urtwn on other machines (amd64, evbarm) with occasional issues (sometimes I get messages about firmware not loading), but usually they work fine.

Before Nick fixed it, umass(4) with slhci(4) had a very similar
problem that small transfers (block sizes) worked, while large ones
broke it after ~1 sec.

slhci(4) is a strange beast, I also have PR kern/51664 open for a USB
10/100 ethernet adapter (axe(4) at slhci(4))...
Nick is probably your first address here, he also has ISA hardware. :)



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