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Re: ipip (gif) tunnels and npf

John Klos <> wrote:
>>> SHOULD, yes. Although I didn't put my config in the original message, it's
>>> exactly what you put and what's in the example configuration. From npfctl
>>> show:
>>> map re0 dynamic any -> pass family inet4 from
>> Don't you want gif0 (or whatever) to be your external interface instead
>> of re0 ?
>Sorry - the context is in the original post. The gif tunnel is on a 
>machine which is behind NAT, and the npf machine doing NAT isn't rewriting 

You are correct, npf doesn't have support for encapsulated protocols
while ipf does. This will mean that gre(4) won't work either.

I guess one question is how far we should go to support this in 2017,
there is this thing called IPv6.

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