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vlan(4) mpsafe

Hi, I implement vlan(4) MP-ify code.

Here is a patch:

The detail of the changes is following:
+ add a passive reference and mutex to protect softc
 - "ifvm_psref"
  => psref for ifv_mib
- "ifv_lock"
  => write lock for ifv_mib and read/write lock for members except ifv_mib of softc
- "ifv_hash" list
  => hash list of PSLIST for vlan softcs.the hash value calculated by the VID
+ others
 - "vlan_transmit"
  => the function for if_transmit

Could you comment about this patch?

Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Device Engineering Section,
IoT Platform Development Department,
Network Division,
Technology Unit

Shoichi YAMAGUCHI <>

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