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Re: re(4) mpsafe

Hi Jared

On 17/04/2017 00:45, Jared McNeill wrote:
In a (failed) attempt to get more performance out of re(4) on
NetBSD/arm, I've made some changes to re(4) to support NET_MPSAFE. I'm
not too familiar with code in this area, so I thought I'd post it for

+#define	RE_LOCK(_sc)		mutex_enter(&(_sc)->sc_lock)
+#define	RE_UNLOCK(_sc)		mutex_exit(&(_sc)->sc_lock)

+	mutex_init(&sc->sc_lock, MUTEX_DEFAULT, IPL_NET);

My only comment would be one of consistency. You hide the locking mechanism in macros, but not the init/destruction part.


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