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npf 'bpf.jit' errors out?


on netbsd-7, a minimal npf(4) & blacklistd(8) setup to ward off ssh 
script kiddies complains about

set bpf.jit on; 


# /etc/rc.d/npf reload
Reloading NPF ruleset.
npfctl: error loading the bpfjit module; performance will be degraded: 
Operation not permitted
npfctl: To disable this warning `set bpf.jit off' in /etc/npf.conf
Okay, this is a minimal installation with a monolithic kernel. 
bpfjit(4) suggests

     options BPFJIT
     options SLJIT

(which isn't in any kernel config on either amd64 or i386 - why?), but 
that doesn't seem to help:

# config -x /netbsd | grep JIT
options         BPFJIT
options         SLJIT
# sysctl net.bpf
net.bpf.maxbufsize = 1048576

Anything else I am missing?


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