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Re: update pf

On Sun, Dec 04, 2016 at 11:26:34PM +0100, Egerváry Gergely wrote:
> > OpenBSD's PF is not maintainable. It got more and more tentacles into
> > the rest of the OpenBSD network stack. So yes, effectively I think NPF
> > is the only viable option midterm.
> Bad news. PF is a great design and it's quite multiplatform. It is in
> Solaris 11.3, Mac OS X 10.7, FreeBSD and DragonFly, pfSense (= FreeBSD)
> and probably others. (FreeBSD port is outdated, too)

Have you ported it to any of those systems? I can assure you, it is
*not* designed to be integrated with other systems. Trying to keep
up with the OpenBSD changes is a significant amount of work. I don't
know how many developers are paid by Oracle or Apple for it, but for a
volunteering project it is not that easy.

> NPF is missing TPROXY / divert sockets functionality.

Missing functionality in NPF is a different topic.


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