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bpfjit and npf on Xen

In absence of progress on IPFilter panics and lockups (see elsewhere), I'm starting to play with npf on -7 using a Xen domU. As far as I'm aware, loadable modules aren't support on -7 and Xen. Therefore, I built a kernel with:
pseudo-device  npf                     # NPF packet filter

This successfully stopped the device not configured errors:
npfctl: cannot open '/dev/npf': Device not configured

1# /etc/rc.d/npf start
Enabling NPF.
npfctl: error loading the bpfjit module; performance will be degraded: Function not implemented
npfctl: To disable this warning `set bpf.jit off' in /etc/npf.conf
2# modload bpfjit
modload: Function not implemented

I can't see any way to build bpfjit into the kernel though:
# grep jit /usr/src/7.0/sys/arch/amd64/conf/GENERIC| grep -v Fujitsu


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