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Who wants a pile of 10Gb stuff?

I'd like to see some slightly more modern networking hardware supported in
NetBSD.  I don't think it'd be terribly hard -- there are reasonably clean
open-source drivers kicking around -- but I don't have the time.  I've
collected a decent amount of hardware thinking I'd get to it...sooner or
later.  But I haven't ever gotten to it.

To that end, I'm happy to give stuff away.  Here's the deal: I send you
stuff, you get the code working, you keep the stuff.  You don't get
the code working, you have to give the stuff back so eventually maybe
I can get around to it myself.  Simple, right?

Here's what I have on hand:

	* Various 10Gb switches
	* Various Intel 10Gb cards
	* Various Solarflare 5xxx and 7xxx cards
	* Various Broadcom 10Gb cards

	* Some 40Gb stuff, but that might be best left for later.

Aside from support for the ubiquitous Broadcom and Solarflare 10Gb cards,
what I'd really like to see is is support for "large receive", the
receive-side equivalent of TCP segmentation offload.  In essence, the
card coalesces a pile of IP packets carrying TCP payloads and throws
them to the upper layers all at once.  If you port the Solarflare driver
from FreeBSD, that feature will be staring you in the face; it is, I think,
also in some of the 10Gb drivers we already have in-tree -- disabled.  Make
it go, and a decent pile of 10Gb stuff is yours to keep.

If you're interested, let me know.  If I think you're serious and can do
the work, I'll just start shipping you things.

This is just me personally trying to get volunteer work done I don't
have time to do, so cash isn't on the table.  If that doesn't work for
you, I get it, and I respect where you're coming from; but if you want
to hack on 10Gb networking stuff for NetBSD and the gear itself is
sufficient incentive, great, just reach out.



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