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Re: Identifying a slightly odd network problem

On 25/07/2013, at 10:33 AM, Jan Danielsson 
<> wrote:
>   - From my main computer (on the switch on wm1) when I ssh to my media
> PC (on the switch on wm2), if I don't do anything with the ssh session
> (like type in it, or have it update (like showing top, rtorrent or
> something which keeps updating its display), the ssh session will simply
> hang (become non-responsive), after a very short time (I'd say roughly
> one minute or so).

Do you have any ipf/ipnat rules on wm1 and wm2? You probably shouldn't (but 
that depends on what you actually want).

Also, see /usr/share/examples/ipf/mediaone for an (old) example of how to 
configure an interface with a dynamic IP address. The recommendation in that 
example file is to use "ipf -y" in dhclient which forces a manual resync with 
various kernel interface lists. 

It's been a very long time since I last had a dynamic IP address, but that 
media one example is where I would start planning my firewall.


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