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Re: re(4) MAC address

On Fri, 28 Dec 2012 23:33:01 +0900
Izumi Tsutsui <> wrote:

> The attached patch make re(4) always use IDR register values
> for its MAC address.
> We no longer have to link rtl81x9.c for eeprom read functions
> and I'm not sure if we should make the old behavoir optional
> or remove completely.

I cannot imagine any case where it is needed. When an EEPROM is present,
the IDR registers should be initialized with its MAC.

Maybe somebody who owns an re(4) NIC with an EEPROM should confirm that.

> But for now I think it's almost harmless so please commit
> if it works on re(4) on your NAS boxes.

Unfortunately, there is still a dependency with rtl81x9.c:

rtl8169.o: In function `re_ioctl':
rtl8169.c:(.text+0x680): undefined reference to `rtk_setmulti'
rtl8169.o: In function `re_init':
rtl8169.c:(.text+0x1bc4): undefined reference to `rtk_setmulti'

As this is the only function needed from rtl81x9.c it probably makes
sense to add rtk_setmulti() and the rtk_calchash macro to rtl8169.c.

I tried that and it works fine with my NAS!

New patch for rtl8169.c, including re_setmulti(), is attached.

Frank Wille

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