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Re: fxp link toggles with multicast filters

  I am observing a link toggle when multicast filters are added/removed to the
  fxp(i82557) driver. My application is using SIOCADDMULTI/SIOCDELMULTI ioctl's
  for adding/removing multicast filters.

  On debugging the issue, figured out that fxp_init is called after filters are
  changed which in turn invokes fxp_stop. In case of MII, fxp_stop invokes
  function mii_down which brings down the phy and a toggle is observed.

  Is there any way to avoid the phy from going down and for what reasons
  mii_down is invoked?

Probably the code is doing a larger reset than needed.  It's certainly
reasonable to read the data sheet for the chip and see if you think
there's a way to to less, code up a patch (well commented!), test it,
and send it to the list.

It seems likely that filter programming doesn't really need the
full-blown init processing.

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