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Re: How to use two WAN connections at once?

I'm going to Cc both lists because I'm not sure where this thread belongs.

Hello Frank,

  FW> I have two WAN connections (e.g. ADSL), which I both
    > want to use transparently from my LAN. A kind of load-
    > balancing would be nice, because the first WAN port is
    > slower than the second, but more stable.

    I've been thinking about a scenario something like this
for a while.  If a branch office had a wired connection (T1,
cable or DSL) and a second connection via satellite, it
would seem logical to send latency-sensitive datagrams
(VoIP, videoconferencing, RDP) down the wire and balance
other traffic between the wired and satellite connections
depending on available bandwidth.  Obviously if one
connection went down we would want to fail over to the
other.  I'm told this is an example of "traffic shaping"
but I have yet to look at how this is done in practice on
a router that runs NetBSD.

-Andy Ball

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