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Re: Issue with sk/skc/msk/mskc based NIC - man sk(4) vs kernel config

On Apr 4,  6:47pm, "HORSTMANN, Jens" wrote:
} I have a possibly simple question. I am trying to make my Marvell Yukon 
} NIC work with a netbsd-6/amd64 installation. So far, I have not had any 
} success and I started to investigate.
} I am confused with two version of the the same subject and wonder which 
} one is the right one. The one version will not let me to complete my 
} kernel configuration, the other one will produce a working kernel but 
} with obviously missing support for the NIC device (dmesg does not report 
} it, just a vendor/product ID + "not configured").
} man sk(4) says:
} skc*    at pci? dev ? function ?
} sk*     at skc?
} mskc*   at pci? dev ? function ?
} msk*    at skc?

     This is a rather obvious typo in the manpage.  Fixed.

}-- End of excerpt from "HORSTMANN, Jens"

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