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Re: Packet Filtering

> Anything involving IPv6 is pretty much "unusual" at this point in
> time.  People are getting excited when they see that the percentage
> of IPv6 users is in the single digit percentage range.

This is at least somewhat location-specific.

I spent the second half of 2002 working for Universitetet i Tromsø, in
Norway, and the University folks had a city-wide radio network set up -
using v6.  The house netlink they set me up with was v6-only.

But, back in North America and a decade later, I'm seeing pretty much
what Darren describes.  Most computer people at least have a vague clue
what v6 is, but-- well, for example, I recently signed up with a small
ISP.  I had to nudge them repeatedly and play guinea-pig to get them to
deliver v6 at all.  And one of my employers is a VoI provider; I don't
think they've even _thought_ about using v6 for VoI.

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