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Re: Packet Filtering

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Robert Swindells <> 
> What is the recommended way of doing packet filtering in
> NetBSD-current ?
> I have tried IPF, PF and NPF, and can't get any of them to work
> properly.
> I just want to run NAT on IPv4 and to block everything except a small
> list of ports from outside on both IPv4 and IPv6, I can't believe this
> is all that unusual.
> I have native IPv6, so both protocols are using the same external
> interface if that makes a difference.
> IPF seemed to work ok until the update to 5.1.1. After this I was
> unable to get IPv6 to work while still blocking most IPv4 ports.
> PF allows traffic from outside to connect to sshd, even though I have
> not opened up that port. It also randomly hangs up connections and
> generates "in_cksum: out of data" errors on the firewall machine,
> Google seems to cause this the most often.
> NPF generates a core dump if I run "npfctl show" and locks up
> completely afterwards.
> Robert Swindells

It might be helpful to see some of your rules and help fix your ipf or
pf issues.

I believe npf should still be considered experimental.


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