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Re: Any recommended mini-PCI 802.11n cards

> I'm in the middle of replacing my home router and I've found that the 802.11n 
> card I've bought doesn't work properly with NetBSD 6. Fixing the driver is 
> most definitely not on my list of things to do right now, so can anyone 
> recommend a working card? Note that I'm interested in knowing the specific 
> card model, not the chipset. I'm looking for a mini-PCI card that does 
> 802.11n with MIMO 2x2. I don't really know what MIMO 2x2 is, but apparently 
> it's good. I currently have 2.4GHz antennas, but getting 5GHz antennas won't 
> present a problem.
While there are several cards that support 802.11n and work with
NetBSD - mostly Intel and a couple of Atheros, IIRC - I do not
believe that NetBSD supports the 802.11n mode: the cards will only
work in 802.11[abg] mode. (I'd love to hear otherwise, though.)

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