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Re: hpn_buffer_size

>> Any particular reason you're using paragraph-length lines?
> Yes, there are particular reasons:


Quoting from that (with long-line damage manually repaired)...

> $WORK obligates me to use a MUA which supports i18n well, by which I
> don't mean UTF-8 and ISO-Latin-1, but various UTF-16 encodings like
> Big5/GBK and ISO-2022-JP.  Unfortunately, no longer
> implements the format=flowed MIME Content-type.

Then I suggest you switch to some other user agent for non-$WORK mail,
or, if your job involves writing to these lists, external-to-$WORK work
mail.  Or at least insert a line break every 70 characters or so.
Using paragraph-length lines for running text substantially impairs its
readability for many people (especially on the more technical lists,
where rewrapping text not marked as rewrappable severely mangles things
like quoted dmesg output).

> Feel free to file your own bug reports with Apple [...]

I am no customer of theirs and am not likely to be; they have no reason
to pay any attention whatsoever to me.  I have no idea how to go about
filing a bug report with Apple and see no reason to learn, especially
since I expect it would involve things I am not willing to do (such as
giving them a nontrivial amount of information about myself that is not
relevant to the bug).  In any case, I see no reason *I* should go to
any trouble to make up for *your* not only choosing to use an MTA which
doesn't know how to use perfectly good applicable standards, but then,
apparently, being unwilling to even do your readers the courtesy of
typing one extra keystroke every 70 or so to make your text more

> Alternatively, one could leap ahead and use a 21st-century MUA which
> wraps text.

When it's not marked as mecahnically rewrappable?  In the presence of a
perfectly good spec for doing such marking?  That would be - "is",
perhaps I should say, since you imply some do do it - a bug, regardless
of century.  (Well, absent specific configuration to the contrary, I

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