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Re: Outbound interface

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 11:04:29AM -0700, Dennis Ferguson wrote:
> Note, though, that even if NetBSD did implement a strong-ES model it still
> wouldn't send the packet out the bge0 interface; it would drop it instead.

Yep.  Contrast, though, with binding a listening socket, and sending
reply packets in such a model.  From rough memory, I think they are
required to leave the same interface the original packets arrived
on. Regardless od speculation on unimplemented features, though..

> Given this, I would argue that all bind()ing a local address to a socket does 
> for
> outbound packets is to override the kernel's most-likely-to-succeed selection 
> of
> a local address with one of your own choosing. 

Multicast is a good illustration here: your packet may indeed even
leave on multiple interfaces, and you often want to expicitly select
an official address (such as a routed loopback or public address you
want replies directed to) as the source. 


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