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Re: Disabling IPV6_V6ONLY a bad idea?

>Disabling IPV6_ONLY makes it a lot simpler to listen for inward
>calls on both IPv4 and IPv6 since only a single socket is needed.

I think that depends on your application ... I found myself special-casing
the IPv4-address-in-IPv6 case a lot when I had a single socket.  Having
two sockets was just easier because I knew that a IPv6 socket was IPv6,
no exceptions.  Handling multiple sockets for me wasn't an issue; that
code has been around forever.

I think the best answer is, "It depends on your application; you should
make the decision based on what you need to do".  I can see cases where
disabling IPV6_ONLY would make things easier; in my specific case it made
things harder.


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