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Lockless, atomic FIFO/LIFO queues

Hi all,
While I have no intention of doing any of these subprojects (I have
far too many other things to distract me), I am still interested in
the lockless subprojects because I have studied with and occasionally
drink with someone who does research in this area.

I have noticed that the first subproject calls for a data structure
that is both a LIFO and a FIFO. How closely are people wedded to this
combination. The reason I ask is that lock-free algorithms tend to be
hard, and efficient lock-free algorithms seem to be even harder. It is
quite possible that implementing a correct and efficient queue is only
feasible if we have separate implementations for LIFO and FIFO.

I'm mostly just chewing the fat here and wondering about 10G
networking, SMP and all that good stuff.


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