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Re: Retiring dhclient

The problem, Robert, is that I think only in your mind is this a simple problem 
for the average case.   I think this is a problem users of any modern device 
will run into; in the sense that NetBSD only runs on ancient iron, maybe you 
are right.   But I have to admit that that's not how I think of NetBSD, whether 
it's true or not.

My phone currently just breaks in the hotel environment, and even though it's 
broken on me twice, I still tend to forget why it's breaking, and hence how to 
fix it, because it's so stupid and counterintuitive.

This is precisely what a good network configuration agent is supposed to do for 
you, and I do not agree with you that this is a problem that need not be 
solved.   I also don't agree with you that the problem is prohibitively 
difficult.   IMHO it's pretty easy: you just try a reasonable collection of 
starting permutations and use the one that connects and authenticates 
successfully, discarding the rest.   This is what Google Chrome does by default 
today for the dual-stack scenario; extending this to the multiple interface 
scenario is trivial.

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