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Re: patch: avoid wm(4) resets when adding/deleting vlan(4)

> After a wm(4) is reset, it takes about 30 seconds for the NIC to get
> back "on net."  It's really painful.

Are you sure it's the wm's fault?  This sounds suspiciously like a
spanning tree holddown time, in which case anything that interrupts
link will cause the same symptom, and the proper cure is to not run
spanning tree on ports connected to hosts.

Indeed, I just now tried your example (on 4.0.1, that being the only
wm-using NetBSD machine I have easy root access to as far as I know)
and the wm dropped off the net for almost exactly five seconds.  (The
machine has an fxp, and I was logged in to it, pinging out through the

> I've attached a patch for -current that stops wm(4) from needlessly
> resetting when you add or delete a vlan(4):

This strikes me as a good thing regardless.

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