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"name-based sockets" standardization efforts

It seems that there's some effort afoot to standardize so-called
'name-based sockets'; to quote the IETF draft 
( ) as to
what those are:

   We suggest a unified API for networked applications.  Isomorphic to the
   existing name-based solutions, but with added network-related
   functionality.  Providing an existing application-layer protocols with
   network features such as mobility, multi-homing, IPv4/IPv6
   interoperability, NAT-traversal and so on...

As, historically, the IETF hasn't been that great at defining APIs,
I thought it might be worthwhile to point some of y'all at it.

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From: Andrew Josey <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 09:59:11 +0000
Cc: Javier Ubillos <>
Subject: IETF liaison: Defining APis. [Fwd: A name-oriented API: What should it 
look like? How should it behave?]
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hi All

I wanted to alert you to an activity at IETF that may be of interest. They have 
to me that would be very much interested in liaising with us on a API as 
described below.

If you are interested in this please contact Javier Ubillos 

best regards

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Javier Ubillos 
> Date: 1 December 2010 09:19:45 GMT
> Subject: A name-oriented API: What should it look like? How should it behave?
> Hello everyone.
> At the name-based sockets BoF (IETF79 November 8th) there was a clear
> interest in defining an (abstract) API.
> I wanted to get that discussion started, and I'd like to emphasize that,
> at this stage, everything is an open question.
> Here's a starting draft in which I intend to capture these discussions.
> I have tried to synthesize, the feedback during the BoF and the  chats 
> afterwards. Thank you Erik Nordmark, Saleem Bhatti, Mika Komu,  Tobias
> Heer, David Thaler, Randall Stewart, Stuart Cheshire and everyone who
> have argued with me and given me feedback. I greatly appreciate it!
> Today we are already seeing name-oriented APIs in all kinds of
> application
> frameworks, they are very popular.
> However, they tend to only leverage app-protocol functionality.
> Also, as the service used defines the application-protocol used,
> bi-lateral support is implied by the used service. This limits the
> functionality
> used to application-protocol functionality.
> The objective is to make it easier for applications to make use of
> networking solutions.
> To achieve this *I* believe we need to:
> API wise:
>   * Provide an API in parallel to the socket() calls.
>      * This API should take "names" in different formats.
>         * Ability to select resolution system for names
>   * The API should be able to receive information about which functions
>     the application wants (e.g. multi-homing)
>   * The API should be able to provide information
>      * About which functions are available.
>      * If the remote peer supports the requested features (if
> bi-lateral
>        support is needed.)
>      * About relevant changes (e.g. if the set of locators has changed)
> Behavior wise:
>   * When a recipient receives a connection, the receiving
> socket/application
>     receives a simple, unauthenticated session handle.
>      * If the application needs more information, it calls some part of
> the API
>        and is obviously prepared to pay whatever performance cost the
> function
>        requires.
>      * Possible (and optional!) features are:
>         * Name exchange
>         * Authenticity
>         * (you name it...)
>   * Making the name-exchange an optional part (and not an integral
> part) means
>     that it can be done on-demand. Whenever the user or some thing else
>     requested by the user requires it.
> I believe this also means that we need to have some functionality which
> checks for bi-lateral support, and is able to exchange information about
> what functions the respective peer wishes to use.
> The name-based sockets implementation and draft(s) are attempts to
> capture this (however, still incomplete when it comes to API questions).
> // Javier

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