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summer of code 2010

Hello everyone,
I'm a potential summer of code student so I wanted to introduce myself
and ask a few questions.  I'm mostly interested in the teredo project
listed on the main project page.  How come it wasn't listed as a
summer code idea?  I assume it might be because the scope is too
large, if so would it be possible to limit the scope to something
reasonable?  Maybe by only implementing one teredo "node type" to
start with.  I'm also interested in the 802.11 and ATA over Ethernet
projects, but I'm concerned about the hardware required for those.

A bit about myself and my abilites.  I'm currently an undergraduate
senior about to graduate and I'll be going to graduate school in the
fall.  I've been working as a research assistant for three years and I
have experience with kernel development, specifically in the linux
networking stack.  I've worked on complex programming projects; my
senior project is to distribute a database on a cluster using IP
multicast and last summer I implemented an algorithm for boolean
satisfiability.  I'm fairly confident I can handle the projects I
mentioned, but my only concern is the time required to become familiar
with the NetBSD codebase.  Do any of the networking projects require
more or less knowledge of the current code?

Thanks for your time, any advice is greatly appreciated.
-Justin Funston

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