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Re: wpa_supplicant and frequent disconnects

Hi Joerg,

Am 22.02.10 01:10, schrieb Joerg Sonnenberger:
If the rekeying does happen at some point and nothing was send, the
connection will not timeout for a long time.

strange: I was doing pkgsrc stuff (compiling for hours) on this connection, so tons of messages were continously flowing and the connection was not stuck at all, but I was still able to use it interactvily (actually, I only noticed the problem as ftp was not able to download futher sources).

But: giving wpa_supplicant a kick through wpa_cli re-emabled new connections.

That happened now twice and I still find it strange, so I just thought it might be useful to post it here, as it might help to understand where the problem could be.



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