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Re: dhclient-script: trying harder to set correct default route

> I have a slightly different problem - I have two interfaces, wired,
> and wireless, [...]

> I can't just not ask for the default route from dhcp, as when I start
> I have no idea which of the two links will actually work (not all
> locations have wireless, not all locations have wires).

This sounds to me like exactly the sort of reason dhclient-script is a
script: so that you can add local intelligence to it easily.  Sounds to
me as tbhough you want to record which intefaces have given you default
routes and then apply some defaulting rules to figure out which route
to install in the kernel.  I would not expect the DHCP software to get
this right out of the box, since "right" is very you-specific.

Not very relevant to the proposed change, though, which amounts to a
decision as to what the DHCP client should do by default.

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