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Re: tftp protocol

>>>>> "jn" == John Nemeth <> writes:

    jn> The only other thing I would do is make wrapping an
    jn> option in order to satisfy the purists.

okay, flag away, but please make the overall system work by default
with the common clients like IOS and EnTee to the extent that it's not
breaking anything, like other OS's tftpd's do.  If you add a bunch of
simon-sez flags you will have some very lonely satisfied purists.  I
do not have time to go reading and learn that block wrapping even
*exists* just to satisfy someone's OCD, or satisfy ``it's not a bug
it's a feature'' claim earlier in the thread---there is a lot of other
shit to do now, and the amount of pushback over this fix frightened me
a little.

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