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Re: [PATCH] Setting IPv6 route advertisement accepting interfaces


> @@ -176,7 +176,8 @@
>        * we won't accept RAs by default even if we set ND6_IFF_ACCEPT_RTADV
>        * here.
>        */

> @@ -209,8 +210,6 @@
>        * the system-wide variable allows the acceptance, and
>        * per-interface variable allows RAs on the receiving interface.
>        */

i guess you need to update these comments.

doesn't this change make the sysctl almost useless?
ie. you need to configure it before interfaces are attached, don't you?

i'm not sure what problem you are trying to solve.
wasn't it possible to control it per-interface by setting
the sysctl node to 1 and tweak the accept_rtadv flag by ndp(8)?


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