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Re: Two default routes?

> I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I've been running into
> lately.

I don't understand the problem, yet.  Maybe a diagram will help.

Picture a NAT & IPv6 machine connected to a cable modem with two interfaces - one public, one private (well, IPv6 isn't private, but you know what I mean). Let's forget about NAT for a minute - it's not a factor.

Now add two tunnels. One provides IPv6 and a /64 is routed through it, and the other provides IPv4 and a /28 is routed through that.

Some machines on the local network have 192.168.x.x addresses and do NAT through the cable modem's IP, and others have IPs from the /28.

Say that the private interface is (the public IPv4 subnet routed over the gif tunnel), and there are other machines which are on - 175, and their default route is

So the question is how do you make the packets which are sent to go back out through the tunnel, whereas the 192.168.x.x packets go through NAT?

I'll have to take a look at that fastroute stuff...


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