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Pfs tool and pfsync

Hi all

during my GSoC, I have working on some missing features of pf. The first goal 
was to provide a tool, similar to ipfs, which is able to dump / restore a 
complete state table accross a reboot for example.

I wrote such a tool, which is called pfs. Main difference with ipfs is that, in 
default behaviour, dump / restore the table in ascii mode. There is two part 
for the tool, a kernel patch at
and a separate tool :
There is a man page with the tool, or you can read online man here

In a second time, I have ported pfsync(4) from OpenBSD. A full src diff can be 
found here

I'm interested in both testing / reviewing for this two things. I would like 
to integrate pfsync quickly into NetBSD tree too.

Arnaud Degroote
PhD student

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