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Re: running PFIL_HOOKS on decapsulated IPsec packets, too [was: Re: reverse processing order: NAT, IPsec ?]

>>>>> "Darren" == Darren Reed <> writes:
    Darren> A long time ago, my idea for this was to have decapsulated
    Darren> IPsec packets appear (to pfil) to be on a different network
    Darren> interface to the encapsulated ones. Thus while your ESP

  It's really the only sane thing to do.
  it's what Linux *SWAN has always done.

    Darren> The above would be used for *both* tunnel mode and transport
    Darren> mode decapsulated packets.

  I think this might be something to thing carefully about.
  After a packet comes out of a transport mode SA, it does not really
have an IP header on it anymore.  I suggest that if you just want a
tcpdump interface for this, that:
  a) you use a new DLT value, which says, "layer-4".
  b) you permit attachment somehow to individual sockets.

also c.f:
  draft-ietf-btns-channel-binding and draft-ietf-btns-connection-latching.

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