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Re: IPV6 router works, but clients fail

Roy Marples wrote:
OK, I'm almost there with IPv6 now. The router is working fine by itself with IPv6. My test site is as it's my ISP and the transport is pure IPv6

wget -6
works fine.

Clients at first appear fine as well, and can connect to, however this fails
wget -6

As usual, my PF configuration to blame. I needed to clamp max-mss in pppoe0 to 1432. It used to be 1452, which I recall was needed for my wireless clients. Probably the extra overhead of IPv6.

So my IPv6 is now working very well on server and clients :)

What is nice about this setup is that whilst IPv6 doesn't require nasty NAT, my PF firewall is a firewall for all my clients too!



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