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Re: bad interaction between TCP delayed ack and RSTs

>>>>> "jmm" == Joanne M Mikkelson <jmmikkel%MIT.EDU@localhost> writes:

   jmm> - It is okay for NetBSD to change TCP behaviors but if others
   jmm> change different behaviors and the two conflict, the other guy
   jmm> is the broken one.

I believe NetBSD's TCP implementation is, like Windows and most
others, quite ``forgiving'' in that it aims to, and largely succeeds,
in bending over backwards to accomodate neighbor's behavior, including
in this case.

That's not true of the combination of ([most any TCP implementation] +
[most firewalls]), which are designed to trip and block everything if
they spot the slightest thing they regard as hand-wavingly odd, and
they make up whatever rules they like to define what's odd without the
hypersensitivity to RFC properness you're trying to grind into NetBSD,
and answer to no one for it.

Ignore this difference, and twist the situation around to satisfy a
practical desire to blame the end which you have some hope of changing
and exhonerate the proprietary inflexible end, at the peril of the
entire fucking internet.

Yeah, in the end, the ``extremely common'' unchangeable bad neighbor
will probably need accomodating just like all the broken drop-all-ICMP
firewalls that fucked everyone over PPPoE had to be accomodated.  You
and I both understand that part.  But that's no reason to distort
*why* it should be done: this appologetic doublethink crap should

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