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NetBSD 5 wm promisc mode resetting interface

PR 29126 talks about packet loss going into and out of promisc mode for 
various network cards because the adapter was being reset and spanning 
tree restarts etc.  Fixes were applied for various cards to not require a 
reset but the end of the PR talks about wm also probably needing a similar 

I hadn't particularly noticed the issue till now with our machines with wm 
(probably because the switch ports are set to do "portfast" spanning tree) 
but on looking I see that there is a three second or so break going into 
or out of promisc.  However we now have some machines with wm interfaces 
that are configured as 802.1q trunks and if you put those into promisc 
there is a 35 second disruption :-(

So is it possible to get wm cards into/out of promisc mode without 
resetting the card? Can someone who understands the driver code provide a 


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